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Growing up in Victoria, Anakin had always loved animals and wanted a career in the industry. What got him interested in veterinary medicine was seeing the difference his efforts made when caring for his two senior dogs after they fell ill. After that experience, it was only a matter of time before Anakin changed his career path and enrolled in a veterinary assistant course. Anakin did his vet assistant practicum with ELVH and joined the team not long after. 

Anakin’s favourite part of the job is helping patients and clients and learning about new technologies and techniques in the field. Anakin’s areas of interest within veterinary medicine are lab and diagnostics, pharmacology, and animal behaviour – particularly reducing stress and anxiety in our furry companions.

Outside of work, Anakin enjoys spending time with his family, friends and his chihuahua Missy (pictured). Anakin can often be found tending to his plants and loves a good cartoon or mystery show.