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Ashlee Heasman

Born and raised here on Vancouver Island, Ashlee took a leap across the globe to live in Australia for nine years. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to work with Australia’s incredible wildlife, Ashlee ran a wildlife hospital there to help sick, injured, and orphaned wild patients. Broadening both her skills and experience, Ashlee transitioned to a media and communications role in a companion animal practice and then pursued marketing in a role outside the vet industry. Deciding to pair her two pillars of experience – animal health and marketing – Ashlee joined another large wildlife program in Australia before returning to Canada and her West Coast home.

As ELVH’s dynamic Practice Manager, Ashlee loves the opportunity to support her staff and create a collaborative team environment. She is a strong advocate for the knowledgeable, compassionate, tireless professionals who make up the vet med field, and for the value of community involvement in animal health. Ashlee also appreciates the many benefits for client and patient care that come with advancing technology and business operations for veterinary hospitals, and is dedicated to bringing this vision to ELVH. 

When she manages to escape from the vet hospital, Ashlee is owned by a three year old Bulldog named Ducky, whose demanding agenda of walkies, nappies, snackos, and belly rubs prevents Ashlee from developing other hobbies! She also shares her life with a neurotic, narcissistic Blue Heeler named Ava, and a scaly Bearded Dragon rescue named Seymour.