Originally from Montréal, where she completed her veterinary technician training, Christina moved to Victoria in 2003 to study Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. Since arriving on the Island Christina has worked as a veterinary technician in many local clinics, and joined the ELVH team in 2019. Christina works primarily as a surgery technician on our team, using her combination of compassion, experience, and efficiency to make sure her patients have safe and successful procedures. 

Her passion for the welfare of animals of all kinds has been a strong driver in her life, leading her to work in wildlife rehabilitation and with companion and exotic animals here on Vancouver Island and around the world (including Guatemala, Belize, Hawai’i, and South Africa). A Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, Christina led the BC SPCA Wild ARC rehabilitation team for nearly a decade and continues to lend her skills there. She is a marine mammal observer and wildlife specialist for Sea View Marine Sciences, an instructor for  the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, Program Coordinator for the Oiled Wildlife Society of BC, and President of the Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Network of BC. Never forgetting about companion animals, Christina volunteers for Vets for Pets, a local organization that provides free basic veterinary care to people in Victoria currently experiencing homelessness, and with the Canadian Animal Assistance Team which provides free veterinary animal health support and spay/neuter clinics in Canada and abroad. 

It is unclear if and when Christina sleeps (considering that she also spends time with her own all-rescue animal family – doggy duo Nella and Snowberry, cat crowd Merlot, Minie, and Lazul, and solo ball python Africa) but animals across the world certainly benefit from her boundless energy!