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Dr. Kevin Keller

Born in Queenston, Ontario and growing up with both canine and feline family members, Dr. Keller started working at a veterinary clinic when he was 16. Certain that this was the field for him, he graduated from Guelph University in 1992 as a DVM. 

Dr. Keller is passionate about improving both the health and happiness of our companion animals. He sees enhancing their comfort, mobility, and quality of life as a key part of this goal, and practices animal chiropractic as his modality of choice. Completing the Options for Animals chiropractic course in 2000, Dr. Keller has been American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) certified since that time. Committed to giving back to this community of practitioners, Dr. Keller currently serves as an AVCA board member and chairs their Education Committee. The majority of Dr. Keller’s patients are dogs or cats, but he also provides chiropractic treatment for horses. 

When not helping companion animals stay healthy and mobile, Dr. Keller enjoys spending time with his wife Michelle and their horses Jag and Mia. Their cat Daisy does an impeccable job of running their house and keeping the rest of the family in line. Dr. Keller’s talents further extend to hockey, yoga, obstacle course races, and playing piano.