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Dr. Rachel MacLeod

Dr. Rachel grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and started her journey in the veterinary world by completing a two-year diploma in vet nursing at NAIT. She did a three-week volunteer course with wildlife vets in South Africa after graduation, and then worked in a small rural Alberta town for a year (where the idea of becoming a vet came about), before heading back to Edmonton. There she worked full-time as a vet nurse and helped set up a brand-new clinic. During this time she applied to various vet schools, and chose to attend the University of Glasgow Veterinary School in Scotland – a selection that was particularly fitting being a MacLeod and having Scottish heritage on her Dad’s side. Living in Scotland meant lots of travel in and around the UK and Europe, and even a two-week stint in India learning to do spay and neuter procedures. Scotland holds a big part of Dr. Rachel’s heart, and she even has a tattoo of a highland coo and thistles to commemorate it!  

After graduation (during COVID times in 2021), Dr. Rachel decided to spread her wings further, and she spent the next two years in mixed practices in New Zealand. She loved all aspects of this type of practice, especially the variety and even being on call – it made her feel like she was in a James Herriot novel! She explored a lot of the islands, and loved the country, but the very best thing to come of this adventure was her cat Arthur Weasley. He came to her as a three-month old stray who she ‘fostered’ and ended up keeping. He has traveled all over with her, including making the long flight back to Canada, and is who Dr. Rachel thinks of as her soul cat. Moving back to Canada in 2023, and having been by the ocean for almost eight years, Dr. Rachel decided that Victoria is where she needed to be. 

Dr. Rachel’s interests range from feline medicine, behaviour, dentistry, surgery, emergency medicine, to hobby farm pets (especially goats and alpacas). She is also interested in doing more wildlife volunteering and conservation – so essentially anything animal-related! Outside of work Dr. Rachel loves traveling, any sports on the water (especially sailing!), hiking and being outdoors, or spending time with Arthur and teaching him tricks. She also enjoys baking, reading, music (slowly rekindling her fiddle playing) and enjoying family time when she goes back to visit Edmonton.