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Julianne grew up in Coquitlam, BC and moved to Victoria to study Biology in 2018. She used her time in school to explore her interest in physiology and participate in research on iron metabolism, and graduated with a BSc with Honours in Biology and Statistics in 2022.
Since moving to Victoria, Julianne has worked and volunteered with the BC SPCA extensively, and gained a passion for veterinary medicine. Julianne strives to focus on patient welfare and minimizing stress in our furry friends. She is especially passionate about wildlife rehabilitation, a field that relies heavily on minimizing the stress of wild patients, and hopes to continue to work with wildlife and domestic animals alike as she pursues her life goal of becoming a veterinarian.
Outside of work, Julianne’s  interests include spending time with friends, bouldering, swimming, and learning about native plant and fungi species of BC.