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Born in South Africa, Karin’s Canadian adventures began in Ontario, moved west and north to Prince Rupert, and finally brought her down to the paradise of Vancouver Island. Loving both animals and medicine from a young age, Karin began her post-secondary education by studying Biology at the University of Victoria. Preferring animals to people (she knows you understand – animals are awesome!) Karin completed her veterinary technician training at Thompson Rivers University and has been working as an RVT in Victoria ever since.

Karin loves many aspects of veterinary medicine, but her particular passions include anesthesia, pain control, surgery, dentistry, and client education (see, she didn’t give up on us humans entirely!). Karin’s dedication to our four-legged friends knows no borders – she volunteers locally with Vets for Pets, and has been a dedicated spay and neuter clinic volunteer in Mexico with the Mexi-Can Vet Project since 2011. Her own super-dog, Frankie, even followed her home from one such trip!

When not enjoying siesta-time with Frankie or helping patients and clients at ELVH, Karin enjoys hiking, camping, golf, reading, and travel. She loves listening to live music and dancing along to it – her enthusiasm may sometimes trump her dance skills, but her cheeky sense of humour keeps everything in check!