Katy grew up right here in Victoria, and while she ventured east to attend Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario (earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology) she couldn’t wait to return to her Island roots. Once back on the West Coast, Katy attended the University of Victoria, where her ecological research focused on salmon interactions within the forest ecosystem.
Here at ELVH, Katy’s favourite part of the job is the opportunity to interact with our patients and gain their trust. She is constantly inspired by our team’s ability to help patients of all sizes and species, and appreciates being able to learn from her colleagues and expand her veterinary care knowledge. As evidenced by her strong interest in biology and commitment to her patients, Katy has wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as she can remember, and hopes to attend veterinary school in the future.
When not helping to care for patients at Elk Lake, Katy’s life is centred on her puppy Lupin and her black cat Jasper. Lupin loves to visit the dog park and explore the beaches around Sidney, and of course always takes Katy along on his adventures! In true West Coast style, in her free time Katy also enjoys yoga and swimming.