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Rachel grew up in Calgary, AB before moving to Victoria in 2019. This change of pace and scenery inspired her to pursue a new career path, and so came the field of veterinary medicine. Rachel joined the ELVH team in 2020, and is currently enrolled in the Distance Learning Veterinary Technician Program through Thompson Rivers University. If all goes well (and we hope it does!) she will graduate and become a veterinary technician in 2026.

Rachel finds the hands-on aspect of veterinary medicine particularly interesting. Any time she can get her hands on a patient (or a needle into them) keeps her excited to learn more. She loves applying the concepts she has learned into practice, and knowing the “why” behind the “what” of medical cases. While she loves to learn about and connect with all the ELVH patients, she is particularly partial to the feline companions!

Rachel is kept busy at home by her purrfect gray kitty Kiara and two rescue guinea pigs Miso Soup and Oolong. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and keeping up to date on sumo wrestling!