Victoria (true to her name, in fact) was born and raised here in Victoria, where working at a local pet supply store first sparked her interest in animal care. Wanting to become more involved in promoting animal health, she transitioned to the field of veterinary medicine. She worked at another veterinary clinic before joining the Elk Lake team in 2020. She likes the fact that she constantly has the opportunity to deepen her knowledge base while helping clients and patients. 

Reflecting her love for the diversity of vet med, Victoria supports the ELVH team in a variety of ways. You might have the chance to speak with her when you call the hospital, and your companion might get the opportunity to get some cuddles from Victoria during their appointment – she works as both a receptionist and a veterinary assistant!

When not at work, Victoria looks after her own companion animals – brother and sister senior kitties Jiggy and Mimi, and her energetic young border collie Nova. Nova loves to swim and hike and meet his doggy friends at nearby Elk Lake, so he and Victoria can often be found exploring the beach and forest there. To rest and recharge, Victoria is an equal fan of video games and a good fiction book.