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Advice for Pet Owners During COVID-19

There is currently no evidence that domestic animals like pets can become sick with COVID-19 or can spread the virus to people.

Pets contribute to our overall happiness and well-being, especially in times of stress.

If you are feeling well (no symptoms of COVID-19) and are not self-isolating because of COVID-19 illness, taking walks with your dog and/or spending other time with your pet can contribute to keeping both you and your pet healthy.

Visiting your vet during this time may be daunting but to ensure your pet’s health it may be necessary. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has put together this guide to help owners navigate their pet’s medical needs during the outbreak. For more information on what Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital is doing to limit the risk to clients and staff please read here


For more in-depth information and to keep up to date on new developments visit the BCCDC website to find out more information pets and COVID-19.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us on (250)658-5922 or email