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If your dog or cat has ever encountered an eye issue, chances are your veterinarian recommended eye drops or an eye ointment to help them heal. These drops or gels can be a bit tricky to administer if you and your companion aren’t used to the process (plus, we know dealing with eyeballs can feel a bit daunting at the best of times!). Knowing the right technique can make all the difference!

Luckily here on Vancouver Island we have an amazing board-certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist available to lend her knowledge and give some excellent demonstrations on how to give eye drops quickly and successfully. Check out the videos below, kindly created and shared by the wonderful Dr. Stephanie Osinchuk at Island Veterinary Eye Specialist.

Check out this short clip where Dr. Osinchuk explains the simple steps involved in administering a drop of eye medication to your companion.

In this close-up video, Dr. Osinchuk offers a front-row seat as she explains how to give her canine friend an eye drop quickly and calmly.

In this clip, Dr. Osinchuk explains the best way to give your pet their dose of healing eye gel or ointment, which can sometimes seem a bit trickier than a liquid drop.

In the first technique, observe Dr. Osinchuk as she uses the ‘Drop Method’ to give a dose of eye ointment.

In the second technique for administering eye gels or ointments, Dr. Osinchuk uses the ‘Finger Method’ to give a dose of medication.

If you are really struggling to give your companion’s eye drops or ointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to your veterinarian for more advice – they may have an alternate method to suggest, or some extra tips to help your particular case.