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COVID-19 – Minimizing Risk to Our Clients and Staff

Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital is committed to the safety of staff, clients and the community as a whole.

In accordance with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, College of Veterinarians of British Columbia and British Columbian Centre for Disease Control we have changed our operations to restrict services and put forth stringent social distancing measures.

We echo the CVMA and CVBC goals for these guidelines to restrict our services to ensure we have the required resources, both physical and human,  to be able to continue to provide veterinary care while ensuring the safety of staff, clients and community.

Restrictions in Essential Services

  • Currently not performing routine elective surgeries such as spays and neuters
  • Essential procedures are still being performed and are deemed as those necessary to alleviate suffering, illness,  pain or to prevent the imminent threat of death.
  • Matters of public health, such as rabies vaccinations, are being reasonably postponed if the owner is able to manage the animal in such a way as to minimize the risk of the exposure until the animal can be vaccinated.
  • Both animal and owner welfare are taken into consideration in the event of end of life needs. Euthanasias are only to be performed when the human/animal bond is not affected and the staff and clients can maintain safe social distancing as well as the use of the correct PPE.
  • Restricting non-essential health consultations such as annual exams.
  • Still performing puppy and kitten vaccinations and boosters.

Maintaining Social Distance

  • The hospital is currently closed to the public. Members of the public and clients are not permitted within the hospital.
  • Any consultations that do not require physical contact with the animal, such as management of chronic conditions, are being performed via telemedicine.
  • All other consultations, admissions and discharges are being performed outside and where necessary the animal is being collected from the vehicle and transported into the hospital for further treatment and diagnostics.
  • To limit physical contact we are no longer accepting cash and have moved to taking payment details via telephone or e-transfer.  We are utilizing our online store to encourage the direct shipping of dietary products to clients’ homes and where needed placing products outside for collection.

Disinfecting & the use of PPE

We are doing our part to conserve vital Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks and gloves while ensuring the safety of our staff and clients.

For more information and valuable resources please read our information on pets and COVID-19