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|| AFTER DENTAL DAY | Simple Soft Food Options for Dogs ||

For the first few meals after your dog’s dental procedure, their teeth and gums will likely be a little tender. Particularly if they have had one or more teeth extracted, they will benefit from several days to a week of soft food to minimize any discomfort and help their mouth heal quickly. 

Remember that whatever combination of soft foods you choose, these will only need to be temporary options – even if your dog has had quite a few teeth removed, rest assured that they are very likely to return to eating exactly what they did before their dental procedure.

OPTION 1 | Wet (Canned) Dog Food

The most straightforward option for post-dental meals is to offer your dog wet (canned) food. Ideally, choose a variety in the same diet line as your dry food, or at least with the same protein source, to minimize any tummy trouble from switching to a new food. Alternatively, you can choose something that is formulated to be easy on the digestive system (usually called ‘gastrointestinal,’ ‘i/d,’ or ‘digestive support’).

OPTION 2 | Soaked Dry Kibble

Alternatively, if your dog will go for it, soaking their regular dry food to soften it is another great post-dental option. Try adding about half a cup of warm water to their food fifteen minutes before supper time to give the kibble time to soften up. To make soaked kibble a little more appetizing you can use broth instead of water (chicken broth is generally a hit). If you are using store-bought broth, choose one that is low in sodium and does not contain ingredients like onions or garlic that can be toxic for dogs. Tip: canine-friendly broths can often be found in the freezer section of pet food stores.

OPTION 3 | Home Cookin’ (Chicken and Rice)

A third option for a soft post-dental diet is a simple preparation of cooked chicken and brown or white rice. Keep your cooking as bland as possible – no need for extra sauces or spices here, we want to make sure to stay easy on your dog’s digestive system. Chicken and rice can be batch-prepared for a few meals, and gently warmed (make sure to test the temperature – lukewarm is good, piping hot is not!) before serving.

|| Extra Tips and Tricks ||

Whatever soft food option you choose, make sure to have plenty of fresh water available at all times – adequate hydration will help your dog flush out the remains of their surgery-day medication, and help speed the healing process. Also remember to keep your companion away from other hard materials (dental sticks, crunchy treats, bones, sticks, pinecones…) until their mouth is fully healed. 

If you have any questions along the way, or notice anything that causes you concern, don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’re here to help!