250-658-5922 4975 Patricia Bay Highway, Victoria BC
We know pet emergencies are unexpected and often very stressful.  Our veterinarians and staff believe that an important part of being your family's veterinarian is making sure you have access to experienced, compassionate emergency care.  Our fully trained veterinarians and technicians are equipped to handle all veterinary emergencies.  If your pet is experiencing an emergency, contact us immediately at 250-658-5922.

Our in-house laboratory, blood pressure monitors, radiology, ultrasound, and experience allows us to obtain critical information about your pet quickly.

Click Here For After Hours Emergency Care (http://www.centralvictoriavet.com)

Signs That May Indicate A Pet Emergency
Difficulty breathing
Pale, white or blue gums
Bite wounds or other traumatic wounds
Difficulty giving birth
Ingestion of a toxin, medication, chocolate, grapes, raisins, foreign objects, sugar-free gum
Inability to walk
Acute lethargy
 Nasal discharge
Bloated abdomen
Excessive drinking or urinating Lameness
Vomiting and/or diarrhea
Blood in feces or urine
Straining to urinate or inappropriate urination
Smoke Inhalation
Pain or discomfort
Emergency Surgeries Able to be Performed
Foreign body removal
Cesarian sections
Bladder stone removal
Exploratory laparotomy
Laceration and wound repair
Gastric dilation and volvulous (GDV) surgery
Pyometra (infected uterus)
Resection and anastomsosis
Hernia repair