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Diagnostic Technology

Digital Imaging & Laboratory Diagnostics

At Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital we use the latest digital imaging technology for both whole body and dental radiographs. Digital radiographs help us examine some of your companion’s internal systems, helping us better diagnose and treat their condition. We also use digital x-rays as the first step of our dental procedures to create detailed images of your companion’s jaw and teeth (just like at your own dental appointments) to get a better sense of our patient’s oral health.

In addition to radiographs, we have the equipment and expertise to perform  abdominal ultrasonography here at the hospital. Ultrasound images are created by exposing part of your companion’s body to high-frequency sound waves, which produce images of the inside of their body.  Because ultrasound produces images in real-time, we can see details like the structure and movement of your pet’s organs. It also picks up different densities of tissue than a radiograph, giving us additional insights into your companion’s internal condition.

We have a robust diagnostic laboratory onsite, and are proud to offer blood testing, urinalysis including cultures, microscopy, and fecal analysis. Our laboratory technicians are skilled and efficient, and many routine tests can be completed while you wait.