Complete Ophthalmic Exams

A very interesting and unique feature of the eye is that most of the ocular structures and many diseases can be diagnosed from a complete ophthalmic exam. At Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital our veterinarians have the knowledge and expertise in the anatomy of the animal eye. This helps to reach a diagnosis and provide a prognosis which is important to our clients when making medical decisions for their beloved pet. Here at Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital we strive to acquire a full ophthalmic data base to best diagnose and treat our patients, your family. The components of the ophthalmic database include but are not limited to: looking inside the eye (fundic exam), neurological and light responses, tear production and quality tests, fluorescein dye stain, and tonomety, which measures the pressure inside of the eye. We are capable of moving past basic testing and can perform tests to look at the eye cells, culture pathogens, biopsy affected tissue, and have procedures to flush out the nasolacrimal ducts.

We are also equipped to deal with common ophthalmic emergencies. This includes many rapidly developed conditions and ones that result from trauma to the eye. With timely and appropriate treatment, most emergencies of the eye can be stabilized until a consultation or referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist. Ocular emergencies include the eye coming out of the socket, eye ball rupture, acute blindness conditions, corneal ulcers, inflammation in the eye, and foreign debris.

We also have an established relationship with veterinary ophthalmology specialists who visit Vancouver Island for referral when needed.